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Thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s edition of the Segal Centre's annual musical fundraiser You Be the Star a renowned success! Your contributions helped us raise close to $70,000 and resulted in record-breaking ticket sales. The enthusiasm of our co-chairs and our amazing performers has ensured that this will be an event to remember. Make sure to check in with us again in a few months for information on the 2016 Musical Fundraiser!


Lisa Rubin                                            Jonathan Moyal
Artistic & Executive Director                 Director of Development


A message from our director

Andy NulmanStrange for a director to paraphrase a classic Passover query to explain his artistic vision, but then again, look who the director is. So please bear with me as I attempt to explain "Why is this year's Segal Centre Musical Fundraiser different from all other Segal Centre Musical Fundraisers?"

 1) It's personal. Not only is the show a tribute to one of the world's best known and most beloved entertainers, its subtitle--"Growing Up With Elton John"--touches the audience's nostalgic hot spots and provides cast members the opportunity to share their intimate stories of what these special songs mean to them.

2) It's grandiose. I've called in every favour I culled from 30 years running Just For Laughs.  No fireworks or 3D glasses, but everything else that fits. And lots of stuff that doesn't as well.

3) It's surprisingly intimate (despite the previous point). And this for two reasons, namely the cozy physical confines of the Segal Studio Space, as well as the emotional focus on the songs themselves. The Elton John/Bernie Taupin canon is one of the industry's most profound and renowned. Cast and audience will feel like they're among old friends at all times. That's why we called the show "Your Song."

4) It's demanding. Being great and jumping to the next level doesn't come easy. But with the amount of dedication and effort I expect, the end result is one you'll be proud to be part of, whether you're on stage, behind the scenes, in the crowd or one of our generous sponsors.

As Elton sang, my gift is Your Song...and this one's for you.

Enjoy it. 

     -- Andy Nulman

A message from our co-chairs

Who can deny that Elton John is one of the greatest living legends of all time? 

That’s why we couldn’t be more excited to bring you our next annual fundraiser called Your Song - Growing up with Elton John.

It's A Little Bit Funny... but this event turns community members into singing and dancing sensations on the Segal Centre main stage in a multimedia musical production featuring your favourite songs – not all Sad Songs of course – by Elton John.

Sign up to raise funds in support of the Segal Centre in exchange for the experience of a lifetime, performing music by Elton John in front of a live audience including your family and friends.

(We) Remember When Rock Was Young... so hope to see you on stage!

Joanne Cutler & Shari Ann Fleming

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