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To all the incredible participants, volunteers and audiences of our 7th Annual Musical Fundraiser, The 70's Rock On!: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Through your dedication and support over the last six months, The 70's Rock On! was able to present 2 amazing shows on the main stage and raise over $45,000 towards Segal Centre programming.

A special thank you to Joanne Cutler and Shari Ann Fleming, your wonderful co-chairs for this event, for their dedication throughout the years. We will be forever grateful to their contributions to this program. We are excited to welcome our new co-chairs Ben Warner and Jordana Dobski as they take on next year's production!

It’s never too late to support the Segal and make a donation. As a not-for-profit charitable organization we rely on your support to fund all aspects of our mission. contact Jessica Yaffe at or call 514.739.2301 x8324.

Director: Trevor Barrette
Musical Director: Nick Burgess
Choreographer: Jonathan Patterson
Co-Chairs: Joanne Cutler & Shari Ann Fleming
Stage Manager: Michelle Soicher
Assistant Stage Manager: Wendy Albert
Costume Designer: Sabrina Miller
Costume, Set & Props Assistants: Riba Binkovich, Helen Forbes, Liora Kopachevsky,
Judy Miller & Shari Segal

Associate Technical Director & Head of Sound: Steve Marsh
Head of Lighting: Julien De La Sablonnière
Head of Video: Andrew Scriver
Head of Props: Karine Cusson
Makeup: Annie Young Cosmetics
Hair: Moishe Campbell & Liora Kopachevsky
Logo Design: Écorce
Poster & Playbill Design: Leslie Schachter
Playbill Research, Art Director & Rehearsal Photographer: Joanne Cutler

Band Leader, Keyboard & Backup Singer: Nick Burgess
Keyboard 2: Rob Goldfarb
Keyboard 3: Richard Yanofsky
Guitar: Howard Foreman
Electric Bass: Wayne Smith
Drums: Geoff Lang
Percussion & Backup Singers: Joanne Cutler & Merv Middling

Diane Antonelli, Kathy Assayag, Lorne Backler, Farrah Backler, Sean Backler. Jordan Backler, Miryam Barac-Fruchtermann, Carol Barrs, Nellie Boyadjieva, Jenna Brender, Lonnie Brodkin-Schneider, Rucsandra Calin, Moishe Campbell, Joanne Cutler & Merv Middling, Shari Ann Fleming, Janet Garmaise, Elie Haddad, Margot Hampton, Heather Leckner, Jonah Levitan, Riana Levy, Elissa Lifson, Isabel Lubarsky, Paige Mazoff, Carrie Mazoff, Nate Mitelman, Sam Naimer, Stephanie Raby, Naimer & Sam Naimer, Ronnie Roter, Sabrina Stoller, Beth Tannenbaum, Grace Uditsky, Jamie Uditsky, Alyssa Yufe


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